For over 15 years, MGATE Technology has been providing rugged mobile solutions for vertical markets. The products emphasize mobility with range of accessories and customizable options, offers durability and ease in integration. They are ideal solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

At MGATE Technology, we are determined to achieve two goals: to bring computing experience in motion, and to supply Canadian customer with reliable cutting edge technology products. Our product range includes:

  • Mobile Tablets offers the power of full computing in a lightweight durable design,
  • LCD Terminals integrate vivid display with customizable features, in one slim design. The terminals are utilized on a desk or mounted to a variety of VASE-mount configurations.
  • Embedded Gateway Controllers deliver device connectivity, security, robust design for flexibility in location and orientation.

We pride ourselves with extensive experience in providing top quality commercial and professional products for vertical market. At MGATE Technology, a product sold to a customer does not mean the end of a business deal. Rather, it is the start of customer service in many years to come.